Motorcycle Tours Thailand


If you enjoy motorbikes and motorcycle touring then South Thailand Motorbikes is for you where there can be few more exciting places to tour than South East Asia and Thailand in particular. Thailand has everything to ensure the holiday adventure of a lifetime. From the famous international holiday resort of Phuket with it’s beautiful beaches, deep blue sea, palm trees and pulsating nightlife to the jungle, mountains and wildlife inland.


Thailand is a perfect country for a great motorcycle adventure. The long sweeping roads are ideal for motorbike riding and away from the towns the traffic is minimal.

Throughout the motorbike tour you will be accompanied by an experienced tour guide who is not only there to lead the way but to be a member of the touring group and to help you to experience as much as possible from your holiday.

Whether you are an experienced motorcycle tourer or just wish to experience the glorious freedom of riding a motorbike, this tour is ideal for you. Overview of our tours.

Why choose Thailand for a motorbike tour?


Thailand is a huge tourist destination. The weather, the culture, the beautiful beaches and landscapes, the gentle, friendly and welcoming people, plus the superb food attract visitors from all over the world. As tourism plays one of the largest roles in the Thai economy, every effort has been made to make every guest to this country comfortable and safe.


The cost of an airplane ticket is on par with a ticket to the west coast of the USA but when you step off the plane in Thailand you are entering a totally different climate and culture. Thailand is called the Land of Smiles and as soon as you arrive you will understand why.

The cost of living is also very cheap and you will find that your holiday money will go a lot further. However, Thailand is not a third world country and the infrastructure is on par with many countries in the West. More information about Thailand and our tours can be found in our frequently asked questions.

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